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Deploy in seconds the most stable KVM Server in the world

Our KVM Servers are a great option if you know your site is going to enjoy a high amount of traffic. Need to host complex applications? Or maybe you have a large number of websites to host? Our KVM Servers gives you the ability to manage and control your entire setup.



Fatturato annuali

1 CPU Core
25 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Transfer
1 Gbps Network Speed
/112 IPv6 Subnet
Dedicated IPv4 Address




Fatturato annuali

2 CPU Cores
25 GB SSD Storage
3 TB Transfer
1 Gbps Network Speed
/112 IPv6 Subnet
Dedicated IPv4 Address




Fatturato annuali

4 CPU Cores
25 GB SSD Storage
4 TB Transfer
1 Gbps Network Speed
/112 IPv6 Subnet
Dedicated IPv4 Address



What can I do with my KVM Server?

Our powerful KVM Servers are perfect for 99% of the applications or development environments. Enjoy the endless possibilities with unlimited control and stability.

Root Access

Login through SSH with full root access. Want to use a different kernel? No problem! Install any software just like you would on your local machine.

Operating Systems

Deploy in seconds whatever Linux distribution you want. You may also customize your installation using an ISO and even fully encrypt your data.

Intel CPU Cores

Guaranteed consistent performance and efficiency. No compromises! Feel free to use 100% of your CPU power. Available 24/7 without any limits.

SSD Storage

We only use the fastest solid state disks to make sure the access to your data is quick. Guaranteed performance and safely stored using RAID.

Upload ISO

You can upload and mount your custom ISO. Run through the boot & setup process as you would on your local machine just like if you were in front of it.

Control Panel

Many features are available with a single click. Reboot, reinstall, access your server with a virtual KVM/IP, change the keyboard layout and more!

Pagamento Sicuro

What payments can I use?

No hidden costs. Our prices are transparent and straightforward. Always know what you'll pay.

Credit Card

Your Mastercard, Visa, and AmEx are accepted.


Use PayPal to pay for your hosting service.


BTC and BCH are accepted.


Frequently asked questions, answered

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, please contact us.

Am I charged when I enter my credit card?

Yes - we require receiving your payment in advance for all services. We offer a 15-day money back guarantee for new clients, so that you may try our services without any risk. Go ahead and sign up for the plan of your choice.

How long does it take to activate my KVM Server?

Your KVM Server is activated automatically after the payment of your order. It means you will receive the access details by email within 5 minutes. Use our pre-installed images to have your operating system ready within brief minutes.

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